Women in Scripture

Unfortunately there is a great divide in the body of Christ over what the Bible says about women, due to certain passages. But is it any coincidence that the passages regarding women consistently seem to be hard-to-understand? And why is it that they lack continuity with the rest of Scripture? Indeed, the passages regarding women have one central theme. They are disjointed, nonsensical, and contradictory to God’s Word – puzzling, to say the least. And because of this, they are either continually justified by those with their own biased opinions and questionable interpretations of Scripture, or they are endlessly reinterpreted in an attempt to make sense of them.

But the reason that the women passages just so happen to be problematic is because the translators have distorted God’s Word to fit their own traditional way of thinking. Indeed, the passages regarding women contain subtle tweaks that change the meaning altogether. Therefore, no matter how many times one tries to justify or reinterpret the passages about women, they will always be confusing and will always contradict Scripture until they are correctly translated from God’s Word.

There is no doubt that men have woven a web of lies throughout Scripture in regards to God’s beloved daughters. But thankfully, God has safeguarded His Word from the manipulations of men. He has preserved for us a great abundance of evidence so that we may know the truth.

by Kristen Dugas

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